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  • 2023-06-10 01:05:33
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  • 2023-06-09 20:40:59
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  • 2023-06-09 15:56:22
    Быстровозводимые строения - это актуальные конструкции, которые отличаются большой быстротой строительства и мобильностью. Они представляют собой конструкции, образующиеся из заранее созданных компонентов или же узлов, которые способны быть быстро собраны в участке развития. Быстровозводимые здания из металлоконструкций и сэндвич панелей владеют податливостью также адаптируемостью, что дозволяет просто преобразовывать и трансформировать их в соответствии с нуждами заказчика. Это экономически успешное а также экологически стабильное решение, которое в последние годы приобрело широкое распространение.
  • 2023-06-09 14:05:33
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    The 9 Best Case Management Software For Law Firms in 2022 AUG 23, 2022 Law firms can sometimes be endlessly chaotic. Lawyers, paralegals, and staff members must organize, analyze, and manage every aspect of multiple cases. They must track and monitor: Deadlines, Statutes of limitations, Filing requirements, Client records, Billing, Expert witnesses, Evidence, and much more. Even a smaller case can require a great deal of time organizing documents and tracking details. Effective case management is crucial in every law office. Regardless of the size of the case or the size of the law firm, failing to have an efficient case management system makes your job much more difficult, at the very least. Even worse, failing to manage your cases could result in a costly error or a mistake with irreversible consequences. Your law practice doesn’t have to be ruled by chaos. The best case management software available today allows you to incorporate all aspects of managing a case into one platform. Table of Contents What Should You Look for When Choosing Case Management Software? There are many options for case management software. You need to choose software that meets your specific needs. Each law firm is unique, and lawyers may have different preferences. Fortunately, there are options that allow you to customize a case management program to fit your needs. Things you may want to consider include: The ease of transferring, storing, and retrieving information The ability of the software to work with other programs to gather information and data Make minor adjustments and modifications to the system without going through the provider The provider offers ongoing, quality support Ability to configure the system to adapt it to your needs and current systems Ease of retrieving data and create reports, forms, and other documents The ability to track time, expenses, and generate invoices and billing documents Accept online and credit card payments Prepare documents for trial and monitor litigation deadlines Many software companies offer free demos or free trial periods. You might need to try several case management software systems before finding the best system for you. What Are Some Popular Case Management Software Systems for Law Firms? Some of the popular case management software systems available today include: CASEpeer, FileVine, SmartAdvocate, Litify, MyCase, Clio, Thomson Reuter’s Legal Tracker, Trialworks, and LawRuler. Here’s a brief overview of each of these top-rated attorney case management systems: CASEPeer Logo CASEPeer is designed specifically for personal injury law firms. This cloud-based system offers time-saving and organizational features such as: Settlement tools to track demands, offers, liens, fees, and costs Dedicated tracking of discovery requests and responses Integrated calendar Automated notifications for statute of limitations From the company: “CASEpeer’s powerful built-in tools allow you to constantly evaluate your organization’s workflow, identify opportunities to further develop employees, more effectively communicate on client’s cases, and maximize productivity and results.” -Lucero Smith, COO, CASEPeer Demo: Interested in seeing how CASEPeer can help to transform your law firm into a well-oiled machine? Contact CASEPeer today to get started with a free demo. Filevine Logo FileVine is highly customizable and allows you to keep notes, documents, client communication, and calendar in one place. Additional features include: Allows multiple users Ability to text and email clients Task and deadline management Integrates with more than 2,000 programs Good choice for document management Demo: Want to see how FileVine can help you transform your law firm operations? Book a free demo that’s customized to your firm’s particular needs. Smart Advocate Logo SmartAdvocate is a fully integrated legal case management system. Initially designed for personal injury and mass tort litigation practices, it is now used by a large range of litigation firms. Features include: Specific tool for tracking insurance information Automated workflows Medical records tracker Fee calculator lets you enter the settlement amount and break out your firm’s fee, any referral fees or other costs for each client From the company: “We take pride with each annual release,” Igor Selizhuk, CTO at SmartAdvocate states, “because with each release, we fulfill our promise to our clients to continually provide them with a system that matches their evolving needs.” Demo: Interested in learning more about Smart Advocate? Check out their story and discover how this top-rated case management system can be a catalyst for success. Litify Logo Litify is an integrated solution designed for mid-size and large law firms. It is built on the popular Salesforce platform used by many businesses for automation and analytics. It features: Robust security Automated tasks Customizable dashboard to track key performance indicators Testimonial: “Working with Litify is like having the best developers in the world as my software guys,” said Johnson. “They understand the legal industry, know what works for the big firms, and bake the best practices right into the platform. As the owner of a younger firm, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.” Anthony Johnson Owner, Attorney at Law Johnson Firm Visit www litify com to learn more about how you, your team, and your clients could all benefit from a partnership with Litify. Mycase Logo MyCase offers an all-in-one case management software solution to document management, time tracking, invoicing, payment collection, and calendaring. Some of its key features are: Simple user-friendly interface Simple pricing structure includes all features instead of having to add options Unlimited e-signatures included MyCase offers a free 10-day trial, so you can test the software and see if it’s a good fit for your practice. Clio Manage Logo Clio Manage offers a variety of features, including billing, contact management, document management, calendaring, accounting, task management, online payments, and time tracking. A few highlights of Clio include: Secure client portal for document sharing Matter timelines display who made changes and when updates were made Separate module available for client intake/client relationship management Clio is versatile and has customizable solutions for everything from solo to large firms. Thomson Reuters >ogo Legal Tracker has features such as eBilling, matter management, reporting, analytics, cloud integrations, data services, and legal operations. It offers such features as: Legal analytics to track budgets and compare performance of outside legal counsel Robust reporting system Excellent collaboration tools This Thomson Reuters system is geared towards helping corporate in-house legal departments track and organize their legal teams. Trialworks Logo Trialworks is a cloud-based solution created by trial lawyers with options for mobile case intake, document management, calendaring, and trial management. Some distinct features include: Litigation-centered tools Based on familiar Microsoft Office platform Available as software to be used on local network or cloud-based Offers database conversion (as a separate service) Check out their website to learn more and schedule a free demo. Law Ruler Logo Law Ruler has customized solutions for litigation firms and is integrated with Office 365 for convenient workflow. Its detailed dashboard analytics help you keep track of case status, leads, and marketing performance. Other features include: Built-in settlement calculators Automated text and email reminders Integrated click-to-call dialer powered by artificial intelligence Managing your cases effectively improves customer service, as well as your legal services. You have more time to devote to your clients and work on their cases when you do not need to worry about the day-to-day logistics of case management. FAQs About Law Firm Case Management Software If you are not familiar with case management software, these frequently asked questions may help you understand why your law firm needs to invest in high-quality case management software. WHAT IS CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE? Managing legal cases requires a system for keeping up with detailed information about each case. Case management begins before your client hires your law firm. You need an effective way to perform conflict checks before your client signs a retainer agreement. Throughout the case, there could be hundreds or thousands of documents to organize, deadlines to monitor, statements to process, and other details that must be analyzed and organized into categories that are easy to search. You also have billing, client communications, contact information, appointment scheduling, court information, and case notes to organize and manage. After closing the case, you need a system for storing and archiving the case that allows for continued conflict checks. You may also need to access information in one case to assist with a matter in a related case or similar case. Today, digital files must be stored, organized, and cataloged. The days of managing legal cases by hand are over. WHAT CAN CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE DO FOR MY PRACTICE? Gathering, analyzing, and organizing large amounts of information, data, and documents is a significant element of case management. Many lawyers, paralegals, and case managers have multiple cases they handle. As a result, the volume of data can be overwhelming. Case management software provides an efficient way to collect and organize data. Many software programs link to email, telephone, and other systems to create calls and message logs. The information is stored in the client’s file immediately. Tracking contacts with clients, including calls and emails, through the software help to ensure that you do not miss anything. Having all the information in one place makes it easy to: create reports, visualize evidence, and collaborate with other staff members. In addition, everyone within the law firm can access the case files and all information stored in the files from their desktop or tablet. WHAT ARE OTHER BENEFITS OF CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE? In addition to managing the data, documents, and other information associated with a client’s case, there are other benefits of using case management software. REDUCE THE RISK OF MISTAKES Case management software can reduce the risk of human error. Mistakes happen when you are handling multiple cases and thousands of documents. Case management software completes many of the tasks automatically, which reduces the risk of errors and mistakes. For example, errors in transferring data to forms could be costly and time-consuming. When the data is contained in case management software, the software transfers the data ensuring there are no errors. ENHANCE SECURITY Lawyers have a fiduciary duty to protect confidential information. A data breach could result in the theft or exposure of sensitive information. Case management software can add another layer of security for data. The software also automatically backs up entire files to ensure that nothing is lost in case of a data breach or natural disaster. FACILITATE REMOTE WORK Lawyers and staff members can access client files and data from work, home, and other locations. In addition, case management software that is cloud-based allows employees to access data even when telecommuting. TRACK LEADS In addition to managing your current cases, case management software can help you track leads. An efficient, easy-to-use system to track and follow up with leads increases retention rates for the law firm. A lead can be entered into the system, forwarded to the correct person to respond, and scheduled for a follow-up. All information about the lead is in one location that is accessible to everyone. IMPROVE EFFICIENCY Case management software increases efficiency. Everyone working on a case can access and update information. Having data in a system that permits easy retrieval reduces the time it takes to locate information. Get More Insight Into Case Management For Your Law Firm At LawRank, we specialize in SEO for lawyers: getting law firms like yours to rank for competitive, high-volume keywords in competitive markets. We know that your business operations have to be set up for success when you begin to see an influx of calls and clients. That’s why we’re ready to help you discuss your case management needs and provide some insight into popular systems. We can even connect with you with leading case management software providers. Get in touch with our law firm SEO specialists to learn more today. Updated 2022
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    Asset tokenization is a revolutionary new approach to asset management that involves replacing sensitive information with digital representations of it, increasing security while simultaneously decreasing costs and making trading assets simpler. Asset tokenization has created investment opportunities across various industries, giving art collectors access to fractional ownership sales of their artworks. Selling Article Tokenization of assets is an emerging trend and many businesses are eager to get on board. Tokenization involves converting ownership rights of an asset into digital tokens on a blockchain network. This provides key advantages like traceability and security; additionally making it easier for investors to gain access to otherwise inaccessible illiquid assets. For tokenizing assets to take place smoothly and efficiently, there are various vendors who specialize in this service. They can offer an end-to-end solution or white label option tailored specifically for their client and assist in meeting regulatory compliance needs such as creating compliance structures. Selecting the ideal vendor is key when beginning this journey. Once a token has been created, it becomes an immutable record that cannot be altered, meaning no one can claim ownership fraudulently and increasing reliability of records within supply chains. Tokenized assets range from art and sports clubs, real estate properties, company shares, debts and commodities - everything from art galleries and sports clubs to real estate, company shares, debts and commodities. By tokenizing such assets it allows smaller investments in illiquid assets which opens the market to billions of potential investors while eliminating middlemen thereby decreasing fraud risks; additionally it protects patient data against cyber attacks that are commonplace in healthcare environments. About At present, we are in the early stages of digital asset transformation. This change will enable traditional assets like stocks to be tokenized for tokenized trading platforms like As part of its ecosystem services platform for digital asset trading platforms. is an independent wealth management firm this type of professional service provider. The platform utilizes blockchain technology and provides its investors with an exceptional level of transparency and trust, enabling members to invest directly into various securities without needing an intermediary broker. Registration Tokenizing an asset refers to creating a digital representation or placeholder of it that can then be traded on blockchain networks and may contain data such as transaction histories and ownership records that represent its underlying asset. Considerations and limitations associated with tokenization must also be taken into account, the first of which being that it doesn't always give legal ownership of an asset being tokenized - for instance if I purchase a tokenized bond I may own it technically but only own part of its legal value, leading to more confusion over its legal landscape in general. This development highlights why the legal landscape surrounding tokenization still needs more work. But demand for automating asset tokenization for improved liquidity and risk management should drive market expansion over the forecast period. Furthermore, an increasing need to democratize access to alternative investments and broaden diversification opportunities should drive further market development. The global asset tokenization software market can be divided into three main segments, according to type, deployment method and application. By type of tokenization software used for asset illiquidity or real estate tokenization purposes as well as stable coins or others is included; cloud-based and on-premise deployment methods; application includes financial enterprises and banks are included among them as potential customers of asset tokenization technology globally. As predicted in our forecast period this market is projected to experience exponential compound annual compound annual growth due to rising demand across various industries worldwide for this technology. Tokenization Tokenizing data has many uses. One such way is for subscription billing and recurring payments where customers are asked to save their card details or eCommerce sites that provide "one-click" checkouts for customers. By tokenizing data, these transactions can process faster while decreasing abandoned sales rates significantly. Tokenization should not be seen as a stand-in security solution, and should be combined with technologies such as data loss prevention, rate limiting, and monitoring. When considering token use as part of their overall security solution it must also consider storage costs associated with data vaults as well as plans for future expansion. Apart from increasing security, tokenization makes adding additional features easier; particularly for applications that use original data without needing detokenization. This increases efficiency and decreases costs by eliminating unnecessary exchange processes that would need repeating themselves repeatedly. Institutional investors are increasingly using tokenization to diversify their portfolios by investing in alternative assets like cultural heritage, digital music and film catalogs and real estate. Such investments provide access to markets otherwise closed off while also opening the market up for new forms of investments to be introduced into it. Register and get ready for Airdrop We give away more than 50,000 dollars
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